Professional Massage Therapy Programs

Professional Massage Therapy ProgramBlue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork has been offering a professional massage therapy program since 1985. Blue Sky offers a professional massage therapy program with three options and your choice of Full-time or Part-time. Requirements in other states may differ, information on specific states can be provided at time of interview or upon request.

Blue Sky is also approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board, Veterans Benefits for those that qualify and a NCBTMB Assigned School.  We voluntarily withdrew from being nationally institutionally accredited and voluntarily withdrew from offering Federal Financial Aid.  The amount of paperwork, additional costs and overall lack of benefit to the student was the driving forces behind that decision.

Be sure to request a catalog to learn more in-depth information about our program or request a tour and come explore the schools in person. When comparing options, be sure to do a cost per hour analysis and discuss how many massage modalities you will learn, to ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar (total cost divided by total hours of the program gives  you the cost per hour).

Overview of the Program

Our curriculum incorporates holistic health and wellness elements.  Students learn how to take care of themselves, while learning what can help their future clients. Our Med­ical Inten­sive Track and Cer­ti­fied Kine­si­ol­o­gy Tap­ing Prac­tion­er Track pro­grams exceed program goes beyond the basics hours required by the State of Wisconsin.   Our program produces in demand graduates with the skills and knowledge to; direct their future path, communicate with other health care professionals with confidence and have the body mechanics and additional knowledge that can lead to longevity in the field.

Our 2017 program choices are:

Medical Intensive Track: 850 Clock Hours

class demoMassage therapy is growing in recognition to complement a variety of medical professions such as: medical doctors, podiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, and physical and occupational therapists. In order to respond to the growing demand for therapists adept at using clinical techniques and analytical reasoning through musculoskeletal pain conditions, we have designated a track to focus in this area. In this track, students will learn assessment and treatment techniques to deal with common painful conditions encountered while working with other health-care professionals or in private practice.

Medical Intensive Track with Certified Kinesiology Taping Practioner: 874 Clock Hours

In addition to taking the Medical Intensive Track, this option includes the three additional seminars so the student can also become a Certified Kinesiology Taping Practioner.   Sports and therapeutic taping qualifications are on the rise for those interested in working in the Sports massage, Therapeutic/Rehabilitative massage fields.

Fundamental: 651 Clock Hours

This option is for those wanting more than the basics, but limited on time, funds or are already in the allied health profession.  Classes held Tues, Wed, Thur 9am - 2pm. There are time and financial perks of this option, however if you plan to move out of the State of Wisconsin in the future, we recommend the Medical Intensive Track.

The Cur­ricu­lum

Blue Sky does not strive for aver­age or mediocre, we want to have excel­lent mas­sage ther­apy stu­dents grad­u­at­ing from Blue Sky and we do what­ever is pos­si­ble to meet these high expectations.

Holis­tic Emphasis

Tai ChiIncor­po­rated into the cur­ricu­lum is infor­ma­tion on nat­ural solu­tions to health and well­ness. We want to share with our stu­dents’ infor­ma­tion on body aware­ness, self-care strate­gies and proper body mechanics to keep you happy and healthy in the field. Blue Sky aims to reach each indi­vid­ual, not only through teach­ing the­ory and tech­nique, but also in improv­ing and sup­port­ing each student’s per­sonal state of being.

The Fac­ulty

Our fac­ulty is ded­i­cated to Blue Sky and the suc­cess of each stu­dent. Many of our instruc­tors are trained in mul­ti­ple fields, lend­ing addi­tional insight to their instruc­tion. The instruc­tors have prac­ticed in their respec­tive fields and bring per­sonal and direct expe­ri­ence work­ing with clients to their instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQOur intention here is to provide you with answers to some of the questions we hear most often. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us at 262-376-1011.

It is our goal to make sure that our students grasp, understand, and can apply the material presented to them in class. We are committed to excellence and our curriculum expects a great deal from our students in order to train them to be competent, qualified massage therapists. In the same regard, Blue Sky expects to give the students a great deal in return.

We understand our students have jobs, families, and lives outside of Blue Sky. Thus, to accommodate all of these factors, Blue Sky offers different options to fit your schedule. Our Full-time program is eleven and a half (11.5) month program for the Medical Intensive Track and Certified Kinesiology Taping Practioner and 10 months for the Fundamental option.  The part-time option is a twenty three (23) month program (not available for the Fundamental choice). Part-time option may not be available with each course offering, refer to the catalog for specifics. Schedule subject to change, see current catalog or addendum.

FREE REPORT, By Lex Filipowski, copyright 2014

Before I tell you more, let's talk about you!

People have told you that you're good with your hands! You love making people feel good and you would love making money while you do!

So now you say to yourself, "I need to find the right school for me."

You start calling schools and every single school tells you they are the best school and each school claims that when you graduate you'll have all the skills you need to start your exciting new career. Wow! An exciting new career awaits you!

But whoa! Stop! Hold your horses! Which school do you pick? They all say they're the best! Can they all be? Can they all be the best for you?

How do you choose the school that will give you the highest level of training so you'll be one of the most sought after massage therapists in the field?

How will you know the difference between a school that offers you an exceptional education and a school that offers you a slick marketing campaign but gives you a mediocre education?

Well, I've got a secret. I've worked on the inside as an "Admissions Director” in some of the big corporate schools and I know what they do to try to "convince you" to go to their school regardless of the quality of education you'll receive and regardless of what would be best for you!

They don't want you to know the inside secrets which I'm about to share with you.

Now, don't get me wrong, there a number of exceptional massage therapy schools throughout the country and the 3 powerful questions you'll receive momentarily will help you find those diamonds amongst the glass!

Here's more of the secret! All massage therapy schools are a business. Well, nothing is wrong with that, but the problem comes when a school cares more about the bottom
line than the success of their students.

So what do some schools do? Sometimes they invest more money in their marketing than they do in the quality of your education. Why would any school do that? It's a whole lot easier to create slick marketing ads than it is to create an exceptional curriculum and education!

A number of schools pay big bucks to giant marketing companies to spin their school so you will enroll! What are most people impressed by? Pretty, shiny brochures, with pretty shiny people in it and polished sales presentations.

Now there's nothing wrong with all that, but will any of those marketing devices really let you know the true quality of education you'll actually receive?

No, but a number of people may actually choose a school based on the marketing materials they receive. Another important aspect to consider is that the term “Admissions Rep” is simply a fancy name for a trained sales person who has big quotas to meet and in some school’s you are simply a number to help them meet their quota! I should know - I used to train them!

Something very important to understand is that there are 2 very different types of Admissions Professionals that a potential student will meet as they explore a school: Admissions Reps and Admissions Advisors.

The first type I call an Admissions Rep. They are basically highly trained sales people who are more interested in putting a warm body in a cold seat with cold cash then actually helping you to determine if their school and the field you are interested in is a good match for you. The Admissions Reps' focus is all about them and their school’s success.

The second type of Admissions Professional is what I would call an Admissions Advisor. What they will do is simply help you explore where you are and where you want to go and help you to determine if their school and the massage therapy field are a good match for you. The Admissions Advisor’s focus is all about helping you to explore your possibilities in depth and to support your future success.

This brings us to the 3 powerful, secret questions you *must* ask to find the truly exceptional school:

     #1. How many modalities will you be able to *practice* upon graduation?
(By the way, a modality is a style of massage)

Why is it so important to learn multiple modalities? If you only learn one style of massage, you will be working in the same way every day. If you do anything repetitively, you risk injury or burnout and with only one style of massage, believe me, you will get burned out! If you learn multiple styles you will enjoy massaging your clients for years!

Also, imagine if you were a hair stylist but were only taught how to cut one style of hair. Let's say a bowl-cut. Two things would happen. One, you would get very bored and two, not all of your clients would want that particular style. One style does not fit all.

The same goes for your massage therapy clients. Each of them will need different styles depending on who they are and what they need from their massage therapy session. Some will need the revitalizing effects of a mud wrap or sugar glow. Some will need the therapeutic work of neuromuscular therapy. Some clients may need the stress reduction from a Swedish massage. Make sure the school you select offers multiple modalities!

Now here's another secret! A slick marketing trick that a number of schools use. Most schools offer only one type of massage training and little teaser intros on some other
types during your education. They usually include these teasers in their brochures and presentations. You will probably think you learn all of those styles during your training but in reality, they do *not* teach you the other styles. You will only be qualified to practice *one* type of massage upon your graduation.

Remember, ask the school how many modalities you will be qualified to practice when you graduate!

     #2. How does the school teach body mechanics, that is how will they teach you the techniques of massaging clients so you won't burn-out?

Did you know that a number of massage therapists have left the field over the last number of years? Why? Simple answer. Because of burnout. They were not taught the proper way of using their bodies to massage their clients. Make sure the school you select can clearly explain to you how they'll teach you good body mechanics.

     #3. Does the school offer a holistic approach to your training and have them explain it to you. (This is the MOST important question because most schools teach a one-dimensional technical approach.)

You need to decide if you want a technical training, which teaches you how to do a technical massage which is very one-dimensional or a holistic training which teaches multiple modalities and has a multi-dimensional approach.

Graduates of technical based massage therapy schools receive a competent knowledge of the body and learn a thorough technical approach to giving massages to their clients, but they tend to give their clients impersonal, technical massages. They simply learn how to move muscles around.

Graduates of a holistic training not only learn the science of massage, you will actually transform as a person, which will make you a better therapist. From that foundation you can then transform your client during their massage session.

How will you transform as a person you may ask? A holistic massage therapy school teaches you from a Mind/Body/Spirit approach that is heart-centered and takes into account the entire person not simply their muscles. It's not just what techniques you use in a massage that matter, but how you apply those techniques. The "how" involves the kind of environment you create during your session so your client feels safe and open to receive your massage. That massage would then be called a "Mindful Massage". Being mindful means you learn how to become calm, centered, open-hearted and fully focused on your client throughout their massage. Mindfulness also involves being "embodied." Embodiment means you are not just in your "head" but alive and aware in your body and connected with the entire Wisdom of your Being. All of this allows you to trust your intuition to create a unique massage every time for your client instead of the same "routine."

Your clients will receive a much deeper experience from someone who is trained in the holistic approach. If you have a client that has only known the technical massage, they will be absolutely blown away by the multi-dimensional, heart centered holistic massage that you give them!

In a technical massage the massage therapist works "on" you. In a heart-centered holistic massage, the therapist works "with" you. I have a test you can try on your self right now that illustrates the difference perfectly!

Test # 1. Take your left thumb and find a spot on your right forearm that's sore. Press down hard on it with your thumb. How does that feel?

Test # 2. Now, take your right thumb and find a spot on your left forearm that is sore. Lightly place your thumb over that spot. Lightly. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, increase your pressure only as fast as the muscle releases under your thumb. This is called sinking in. You sink into the muscle instead of pushing on it.

Which experience did you prefer? If you picked # 1, then by all means go to a technical massage school. However, if you picked # 2, a holistic massage school would be perfect for you. I think your clients would probably pick # 2 as well.

You now have the 3 *powerful* questions that will help you choose the perfect massage school for you. Make sure that you ask these 3 questions to any school that you are considering and you will find the school of your dreams!

In my opinion, here are three schools I HIGHLY recommend that graduate exceptional massage therapists, not simply competent ones.



Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork

2 Campuses

Main campus:

Grafton, WI

Ph: 262-376-1011


Blue Sky Auxiliary location:

Green Bay, WI

Ph: 262-376-1011/920-489-2861


Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage

Syracuse, New York




Florida School of Massage
Gainesville, FL


Lex Filipowski is a Sales and Marketing expert as well as a motivational and transformational speaker. His vision and work is to help people to "Be Who They Are" and "To Live Their Dreams." He offers his workshops throughout the world. You can contact Lex directly at 201-953-9984 or E-mail -

We do not offer Federal Financial Aid.

We offer a 0% interest payment plan option to be paid off by graduation and a 8% payment plan option, to be paid off up to 12 months after graduation. (restrictions apply)

Ask about any possible percentage discounts based on down payment and co-signer availability.

Contact Laurie at for more information.

Approved for veterans’ education benefits (GI Bill) by the Wisconsin State Approving Agency

Discuss any of these options with our interviewing staff or attend a personal tour. Please request the current catalog for updated inclusions and exclusions.

Request a catalog and/or schedule a personal tour below. Fill out information below and a catalog will be emailed to you.

What would you like to do? Mark all that apply.

What is your pre­ferred loca­tion for a per­sonal tour?

Call now to speak with a helpful and friendly admissions guide: (262) 376-1011.

Complete an application form. (Last page of the Catalog Addendum) or download the application form below.

Enclose a non-refundable application/interview fee of $50 in the form of a check or money order made payable to Blue Sky (Master Card and Visa also accepted) along with a completed application form and school transcript. Upon receipt of the forms and fees, an interview will be scheduled.

Applications for admission to Blue Sky are accepted throughout the year. Early enrollment is highly encouraged. Enrollment later than two weeks prior to the beginning of class will be deemed late. Late applications will be considered only if space is available.

Send the completed application form and all supporting materials, including the application fee, to the following address:
Office of Admissions Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork
1230 13th Avenue, Grafton, Wisconsin 53024
Phone: 262-376-1011
Fax: 262-376-7707

Please note: for 2015 programs and beyond, Title IV Federal Financial Aid is not being offered.

Schedule an Interview.

As part of the selection process, an interview with a staff member is required. During the interview, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the program. The interviewer will discuss the applicant’s interest in massage as a profession and review the class schedule and policies. This interview does not guarantee acceptance into the school. The Admissions Committee will review each application and send notification of acceptance or rejection within two weeks of the interview. Provisional acceptance will be granted to those whose paperwork is not complete.

Enroll in the Program.

Required Admission Documents must be submitted no later than two weeks before the first day of school or it will be considered late. Formal enrollment is not complete until all Required Admission Documents have been received and financial arrangements have been made.

Admission Requirements: The requirements for enrollment in either the Full-time or Part-time programs are:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age (prior to the first day of class), emotionally stable and physically able to perform techniques taught in the program.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Provide transcripts from last school / college attended.
  • Provide documentation of having received one professional massage.
  • Have capability of honoring financial obligations for tuition, materials, and fees.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation.
  • Provide a letter from a health professional stating that applicant is in good physical, mental, and emotional health and is physically able to give and receive massage with no adversity to their well-being.
  • Provide a photograph of applicant.
  • Submit an essay.
Your essay must be legible (typed is preferred), and at least one page in length.  List at least 3 reasons why you wish to become a massage therapist.  Include why you chose Blue Sky.  Include the plan of action (organizational,emotional, financial, time adjustments etc.) you will follow to be a success while in school and upon graduation.

See the catalog for full Admission details

After completing the graduation requirements, you will receive a diploma. This diploma states the amount of hours and program which was completed.

Request a catalog and/or schedule a personal tour below. Fill out information below and a catalog will be emailed to you.

What would you like to do? Mark all that apply.

What is your pre­ferred loca­tion for a per­sonal tour?


Email us at


Grafton Main Location: 262-376-1011
Green Bay: contact Grafton Office


Stop by at our Grafton location.

1230 13th Avenue
Grafton, WI, 53024

Green Bay
2670 South Ashland Avenue
Suite 101
Green Bay, WI 54304

Yes. We offer a variety of seminars to the public. From Essential oils, Animal Guides to Reflexology. See our Seminars page for more information.