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Tour the schools, ask any questions you may have.  Explore an education in the growing field of professional massage therapy!

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New for 2017, Fundamentals option and Certified Kinesiology Taping Practioner add-on. Or enroll in our tried and true Medical Intensive Track option!

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Scholarship Awarded-Congratulations!

Dana ScholarshipBlue Sky is very proud of our Student Dana (now graduate) for winning Massage Envy- Bluemound, Greenfield & Mequon location's $1,000 Massage Therapy Student Scholarship! CONGRATULATIONS DANA!

(In the photo left to right: Jean- Massage Envy, Dana-Blue Sky Student (now graduate), Lori - Massage Envy)

Get the Education, Skills and Confidence to be a Licensed Massage Therapist in just 1 Year!

Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork has inspired thousands of individuals to find the path to a rewarding career in the high demand field of Professional Massage Therapy.  Our 31 year history of massage and wellness training, infused with a holistic aspect is a proven recipe for success – professionally and personally.

Our program exceeds the State of Wisconsin massage therapy required hours.  Our friendly admissions staff look forward to answering all your questions and helping you build a rewarding career as a Licensed Professional Massage Therapist.

We encourage you to explore our website, request a catalog, give us a call or come for a visit to our Grafton (North Milwaukee) or Green Bay schools!  Classes beginning in April and September.

Touch the Lives of Others, Become a Massage Therapist!

Get your journey rolling in Five easy steps!

woman-massage-left-head-940-359Start exploring the steps.  Join the field of professional massage therapy; not only will you help others, but you will have the opportunity to expand your abilities, explore who you are and who you can become. Blue Sky will help guide you on your path to ‘Touch the Lives of Others’.  

    Explore Steps

    Blue Sky Mission

    Blue Sky was born out of a desire to create a sustainable future for our world. Our primary focus is on facilitating physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

    Blue Sky Approach

    We have your backBlue Sky’s holistic approach to massage, coupled with a strong science emphasis also integrates wellness and nutritional training throughout the program. We emphasize health-care and self-care techniques, styles, and philosophies to help each person and their family to develop optimal health within their own boundaries.  Our strong science classes, provides students with the skills and confidence to perform in the Allied Health Profession.

    Blue Sky Goals

    Through a comprehensive course of study, Blue Sky strives to:

    • Graduate massage therapists who really care about people, talented therapists with the perspective to practice the healing art of massage with optimal results for their clients, while receiving a true sense of fulfillment.
    • Provide a comprehensive education and experience in traditional therapeutic bodywork techniques coupled with training in a wide range of additional treatment modalities.
    • Reach out and touch the community through educational opportunities and massage services.

    Blue Sky Graduate Testimonials

    April 14/15 graduation

    Blue Sky gave me the essential foundation to start my career as a knowledgeable and confident massage therapist. Thank you Blue Sky staff and instructors for helping me achieve my dream!
    Bonnie, 2011 Graduate
    Its massage school, how hard can it be? Everybody says this, but don’t kid yourself – it’s hard!  But one of the best experiences of my life. It is so much more than just massage. The people you meet & the life knowledge you gain truly shape you as a person. I can now say I am a better person & helping people in a career that doesn’t feel like a job!
    Brittany 2013 Graduate
    My educational experience at Blue Sky was excellent. The classes were detailed, comprehensive and thorough. My teachers possessed mastery of the subjects they taught. Blue Sky education provided me with the tools to stand head-and-shoulders above graduates of other schools.
    Matt, 2009 Graduate
    The people I met at Blue Sky were all about healing and helping others in a holistic way.  The education I received is a fantastic investment that I use every day of my life.
    Kathleen, 2003 Graduate
    There has never been a day I didn’t want to go to work
    Kaitlyn, 2013 Graduate
    I chose Blue Sky because of location, price, and variation of class schedule options as well as their curriculum. I also had several therapists of my own who were Blue Sky graduates.  I use the skills I learned in the PNMT seminars in every massage I do, and I believe the pain relief people feel even after their first visit is a big contributor to all of the repeat business I got in student clinic and in my job right after graduation.
    Chris, 2013 Graduate
    Blue Sky is so much bigger than just a massage school. It changes your life. You are pushed in the rigorous year program and you discover things about yourself you may have not and it shapes you into such an amazing and aware person. I have been blessed to experience this and it could was nothing short of amazing.  I have started my career and have never been happier. I love to help people and Blue Sky has put me in a position to be able to do so much more than that.
    Brittany, 2013 Graduate
    I toured all accredited, reputable massage schools in Madison before deciding on Blue Sky. Something about it just felt like home. As a graduate 5 years into clinical practice, I am blessed by the lifelong bonds I've formed with Blue Sky staff, alumni, students, and instructors. Blue Sky has so much more to offer than 11 months of massage therapy education. I find myself returning frequently on weekends to TA at seminars, and forming independent study groups born out of common interest in the diverse offerings of continuing education available at Blue Sky. Even though it has been nearly five years since I graduated, I still feel right at home here.
    Teresa, 2009 Graduate
    Eleven years of practicing full-time later, I am still grateful for the well rounded educational foundation I received at Blue Sky.
    Gina, 2002 Graduate
    Blue Sky is simply the best education you can get for massage in the area.  The name recognition has helped to grow my business so much within the first couple of years that I am considering adding a therapist to help with clients I am unable to accommodate in my schedule.
    Mary, 2010 Graduate
    I chose Blue Sky because I was able to pick which track I wanted. This allowed me to focus on the techniques of massage that I wanted to learn.
    Becky, 2013 Graduate
    Blue Sky has opened the doorway to the many pathways of healing modalities available to all of us.
    Jennie, 2011 Graduate
    Blue Sky opened so many doors of interest for me. I'm so grateful to have received such a well-rounded education!
    Jennifer, 2013 Graduate
    Blue Sky has providing me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to assess and provide effective treatment services to a broad range of clients. They offered me the most options, and was the best school for me.
    Mark, 2005 Graduate
    Going to Blue Sky has been one of the best things I have ever done.  It forced me to step out of my box and made me very confident in my abilities, both therapeutically and intuitively.  I loved meeting so many like-minded people, people who will be friends for a lifetime.
    Carol, 2012 Graduate
    I loved my time at Blue Sky!
    Daria, 2005 Graduate
    Blue Sky does such a great job in preparing its students for a career in massage. I feel very confident in my skills and am so excited about starting my own business.
    Teri, 2012 Graduate
    I chose Blue Sky because they're the best.  I considered schools in the Chicago area and WI, and chose Blue Sky.  It wasn't easy, but I'm definitely glad I went there!
    Pam, 2012 Graduate