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Kinesio Taping® Advanced Techniques and Clinical Reasoning (Formerly KT3)

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Pre­req­ui­site for attend­ing this course is: Kine­sio Tap­ing Assess­ments, Fun­da­men­tal Con­cepts and Tech­niques or KT1/KT2 course.

A Kine­sio Uni­ver­si­ty approved course. Course offers a brief review of basic tap­ing and assess­ment con­cepts learned in the first 2 day course. Advanced tap­ing tech­niques and assess­ments are pre­sent­ed as Lec­ture Tuto­ri­als to intro­duce step by step appli­ca­tions for chron­ic ede­ma, scar and fas­cial man­age­ment, nerve tap­ing as well as acute and chron­ic pain man­age­ment. Par­tic­i­pants will be offered ample lab time to prac­tice each advanced tech­nique guid­ed by the Assess­ment Flow­chart for clin­i­cal deci­sion mak­ing. Case stud­ies are pre­sent­ed for design­ing a clin­i­cal­ly rel­e­vant appli­ca­tion with­in a treat­ment pro­gram guid­ed by the instruc­tor. Case stud­ies are then intro­duced for small groups of stu­dents to prac­tice the vari­ety of assess­ment tech­niques and advanced tap­ing appli­ca­tions.

Dur­ing hands-on lab ses­sions, course instructor(s) will eval­u­ate each participant’s techniques/skills learned to deter­mine pro­fi­cien­cy for course com­ple­tion. Post test at end of course will assess your new knowl­edge.

At the end of the course each par­tic­i­pant will be giv­en a course eval­u­a­tion and a self reflec­tive ques­tion­naire. This course con­tent is not intend­ed for use by any par­tic­i­pants out­side the scope of their license or reg­u­la­tion.

Upon suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of both the Kine­sio­Tap­ing® Assess­ments, Fun­da­men­tal Con­cepts and Tech­niques CE course and this Kine­sio­Tap­ing® Advanced Tech­niques and Clin­i­cal Rea­son­ing CE course, the par­tic­i­pant is eli­gi­ble to reg­is­ter for and take the Kine­sio­tap­ing Association’s CKTP exam to become a Cer­ti­fied Kine­sio­Tap­ing® Prac­ti­tion­er.

Please bring scis­sors and wear prop­er attire for tap­ing (tank top & shorts). Bring a yoga mat if you have one.


Course Objec­tives:

Upon Com­ple­tion of this course par­tic­i­pants will be able to:

  • List 2 spe­cif­ic symp­toms of injury for each of the fol­low­ing tis­sues – nerve, mus­cle, epi­der­mis, der­mis, fas­cia and joint.
  • Demon­strate appli­ca­tion of advanced Epi­der­mis Cor­rec­tion Tech­nique – Web Lay­er­ing.
  • Demon­strate appli­ca­tion of advanced Der­mis Cor­rec­tion Tech­nique – Jel­ly­fish.
  • Demon­strate appli­ca­tion of advanced Fas­cia Cor­rec­tion Tech­niques – Ram’s Head and Man­u­al Fas­cial Glide.
  • Demon­strate appli­ca­tion of advanced Cir­cu­la­to­ry Lym­phat­ic Cor­rec­tion Tech­nique – Bas­ket Weave.
  • Demon­strate appli­ca­tion of advanced Space Cor­rec­tion Tech­nique – Scar Man­age­ment tech­niques.
  • Demon­strate inte­gra­tion of Mus­cle Direc­tion Tests, Screen­ing Assess­ments, and Cor­rec­tive Tech­niques to treat com­plex injuries such as Whiplash, Shoul­der Impinge­ment, and Chron­ic Knee Pain.
  • In a small group set­ting iden­ti­fy 3 items on a prob­lem list and goal list from spec­i­fied case stud­ies and devel­op appro­pri­ate inter­ven­tions using tape as a modal­i­ty and defend to the class.

8 con­tact hours (https://www.rehabed.com/kinesio-taping-advanced-techniques-and-clinical-reasoning/) See list for approvals.

$349 / $299 ear­ly bird

To reg­is­ter with Rehab Edu­ca­tion direct­ly https://courses.rehabed.com/cart/pageCourseInfo.aspx?Course_ID=L7KT3b


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