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PNMT Form and Func­tion is about the deci­sions a ther­a­pist makes and what strate­gies are behind those deci­sions. Form and Func­tion will help you move beyond rou­tines and recipes to great clin­i­cal rea­son­ing and prob­lem solv­ing skills. By learn­ing this new way of assess­ing client treat­ment, you will learn to rec­og­nize cues and pos­si­ble caus­es to help alle­vi­ate pain. You will also be taught com­mon pos­tur­al dis­tor­tions and how to deter­mine which mus­cles are poten­tial­ly involved. Final­ly, you will apply sem­i­nar mate­r­i­al using case stud­ies and sce­nar­ios. PNMT Form and Func­tion will show you how to be more effi­cient and effec­tive and have fun doing it!

Sem­i­nar: PNMT Form & Func­tion
NCBTMB Approved

Instruc­tor: Pre­ci­sion NMT Instruc­tors
Loca­tion: Blue Sky Grafton
Clock Hours: 16*

Fri­day Sched­ule:
Sat­ur­day Sched­ule: 9:00am‑6:00pm
Sun­day Sched­ule 9:00am — 6:00pm

Fee: $325

Ear­ly Fee: $300 (More than 14 days before start date)

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