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his 3 day Cra­nial Sacral Mas­sage sem­i­nar will pro­vide the LMT with the foun­da­tions and con­fi­dence to pro­vide Cra­nial Sacral treat­ments to their clients.

The reg­is­trant shall prac­tice pal­pa­tion of the cran­iosacral rhythm & still points with the main regions treat­ed: cra­ni­um, tor­so & sacral as well as lis­ten­ing sta­tions: soles of feet, dor­sum of the feet, calves, thighs, ilia, abdomen, tho­racic out­let, arms & hands, tho­racic inlet, neck, base of skull and cal­var­i­um. This ful­ly clothed ther­a­py is per­formed on a mas­sage table.

Par­tic­i­pants will prac­tice prop­er body mechan­ics of prac­ti­tion­er includ­ing smooth tran­si­tions and effec­tive hand posi­tions. reg­is­trants will be instruct­ed on con­traindi­ca­tions and effec­tive­ly demon­strate how to adjust the ses­sion accord­ing­ly if indi­cat­ed. Par­tic­i­pants shall be able to iden­ti­fy the main cra­nial sutures, hand and fin­ger place­ments for Cra­nial sacral rhythm as well as spe­cif­ic releas­es for occip­i­tal condyle release, eval­u­a­tion of cra­nial sacral motion vault holds, frontal compression/decompression, pari­etal lift, medi­al compression/distraction, sphe­noid compression/decompression, TMJ compression/decompression and ear pull.

Pre­req­ui­site: LMT or with approval a mas­sage stu­dent




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